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"Excellent, exceptional and a true inspiration! Nikki's an incredible entrepreneur that not only delivers fantastic work but also champions the ideals of women empowerment! When looking to work with a legit trailblazer, look no further!"

- Priscilla Frederick-Loomis, Olympic Athlete & Motivational Speaker (@priscilla_frederick)

"Nikki stands out as a true artist, seamlessly navigating the diverse realms of drawing, writing, and photography. As a professional model and fashion designer, I've had the pleasure of witnessing years ago the synergy that defines her multidimensional talent. The cohesion of her artistic endeavors reflects not only her versatility but also her creative soul. As a fellow artist, I find her work to be a constant source of inspiration, a testament to the boundless possibilities!"

- Marie Roussaly, Fashion Model & Fashion Designer (@marinellazed)

"I can't praise Nikki enough for being an incredible, hardworking individual. Her dedication and passion shine through in everything she does. Nikki truly inspires others with her work and determination."

- Savannah Vinson, Fashion Model & Casting Agency CEO (@_queen.sav_)

"Nikki radiates positivity, demonstrating rapid and substantial personal growth.

Her exceptional professionalism is evident, consistently prioritizing the well-being of others."

- Kristin Ann Tomasello, Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur (@kristintomasello)

"First and foremost I have to say that Nikki is a powerhouse and a true visionary. She is the peak of professionalism and kindness. The work she is bringing to the world is shared with thought, care, intention and experience. You couldn't ask for a better combination. I have had the pleasure of working with Nikki on a few projects. She has always been thoughtful in her requests, prepared with her presentations and willing to challenge herself and others along the way. There is an ease about her that is contagious and makes one feel ready to show up and get the work done. No matter what Nikki is working on you know she has spent a million more hours on it than might seem possible. The time and energy she gives to her projects shows. The time and energy she shares with the people in her life is a testament to who she is and her values. Nikki's ability to bring out the best in others is a true talent and she does this while continuing to make sure her own life is well attended to. It is clear that Nikki values balance and you can see that in the projects she takes on and the work she shares with the world. Her passions are many and her vision is strong. Collaborating with Nikki was a pure joy and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

 - Mari Reisberg, Creativity Coach & Host of Sustaining Creativity Podcast (@sustainingcreativity)

"As an independent luxury, fashion designer, I really admire Nikki's work. I feel that she has a wonderful eye for editorial fashion concepts, along with an empowering, positive and professional spirit!"


- Lola Dominguez, Fashion Designer (@lolajdominguez)

"Nikki is a girl's girl. She's driven and she's kind. Finding girls in the industry that share the same passion, character, and dedication is rare. Nikki is not only an admirable creative, but she is also a friend and supporter to everyone around her."

- Mackenzie Kern, Miss Wyoming 2023 & Entrepreneur (@mackenzieleighkern)

"It has been a pleasure connecting with Nikki. Not only is her work stunningly beautiful, there is also great thoughtfulness behind it. I am amazed by how she uses her platform to advocate for mental health and empowers her fellow women entrepreneurs. I look up to her as a fellow model hoping to build a successful and meaningful life for myself through my passions, as she has!"

- Melissa Streifert, Fashion Model (@melissa.streifert)

"I've had the pleasure to collaborate with Nikki in various ways and each and everytime we talk I am totally amazed by her leadership, and how powerfully she advocates for what she believes in. Mental health is such an important topic and I admire how vocal she is about it so she can break through the stigma and help those in need. She's also an amazing human being, full of knowledge and compassion. I highly recommend her as an artist and entrepreneur!"

- Ana Patricia Bourgeois, Intuitive Business Coach and Host of the Powerful Female Leaders Podcast (

"Nikki uses her platform to bring self-awareness of mental health and her mission is to encourage women that they can follow their dreams without no limitations, which is a huge important factor in modeling as you have to have a good mindset and mental health, otherwise the industry will end up eating you alive. I feel like Nikki goes out of the box, but keeps her photos glamorous, and polished. Nikki isn't just like every model, she talks about real life problems, and addresses them, mental health, etc. She most importantly stands up for what she believes for and is very blunt."

- Annalis Korynoski, Fashion Model (@annalis.k_)

"Working with Nikki is always a pleasure. Her passion for mental health advocacy, the modeling industry, and entrepreneurship make her an unstoppable force. The first podcast I was ever on was an episode of Raw Talk. Even though I was nervous, she was quick to put me at ease, and the conversation started from there. Over the past couple of years, we have kept in touch, and I've seen how she has grown her platform to advocate for others. Being a writer myself, I can't help but admire her efforts in supporting fellow artists. When my first book came out, I was able to talk about it on Raw Talk with her, as well as my struggles with being a dyslexic author with hypertonia. I am so excited to see where Nikki's journey takes her."

-Anna Lloyd, Author & Advocate (@anna.lloyd20_)

"It was such a pleasure to connect with Nikki through our shared passion of empowering other woman and like-minded spirits.

Nikki has a natural flare for bringing out the best in anyone she comes across and so genuinely thrives of seeing others success, which is a rare blessing in todays society to witness. The effort and detail that she applies into her work, is second to none and so inspiring to see. I hold the upmost respect, love and admiration for Nikki as a person and for her kind soul, but also her incredible work that she has already achieved should be celebrated. It's both a pleasure and honour watching this talented and smart woman make such incredible moves, create such beautiful work and advocate so hard for what she believes in."

 - Becky Leigh, Menstrual Health Project Trustee, Advocate & Entrepreneur (@bex_leigh)

"Nikki is a true force to be reckoned with. Her dedication, talent, and passion for making a difference in the world are truly inspiring. As a model, Nikki exudes confidence and grace, and effortlessly brings life to every project she takes on. However, beyond her modeling career, Nikki is a passionate advocate. She uses her platform to raise awareness for issues such as body positivity, mental health, and inclusivity. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the world is commendable, and she consistently uses her voice to uplift and empower others. Nikki is also a successful entrepreneur. She has built her own brand and business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Her ability to navigate the business world while staying true to her values is truly admirable. Nikki is a remarkable woman who is making a significant impact in multiple fields. I have no doubt that she will continue to achieve great things and inspire others along the way."

- Maxine Cesar, Fashion Model & Blogger (@themaxinecesar)

"Nikki Gal is a light in the industry. Admired not just for her beauty and talent, but also kindness and advocacy on and off of set. She possesses a unique ability to bring a shoot to life."

- Isabelle of The Vanity House, Makeup Artist and Hairstylist (@thevanityhouse)

"I really love Nikki's facial features. I think she is very beautiful and talented when she is behind a camera. She brings a lot of energy and uniqueness to the fashion industry! We need more of that."

- Carli Glubok, Fashion Model (@carliglubok)

"Nikki is an incredibly well-rounded individual who cares not just about her vision but about the people around her.Truly inspiring to see collaboration tied in so heavily with entrepreneurship and innovation. She was also amazing to work with in terms of skill and warmth and I hope to cross paths again with her soon!"

- Mik Dizon, Host of Glow Up Syndrome Podcast (@_mikaeladizon)

"I have only known Nikki for a short time through social media but her kindness and support are unmatched. She is not only stunningly beautiful inside and out but also an incredible artist. I am so impressed with her modeling career and all that she has accomplished already in life. She is a wonderful example of success, kindness and beauty. I look forward to following Nikki on all of her future life adventures. She is an inspiration to all."

- Kylie Harrs, Fashion Model (@kylie.harrs)

"I've supported Nikki Gal for 4 months on social media after she liked one of my stories and followed me. When I went to her page I was instantly hooked with her profile and her work. I was very shocked that someone who is so successful like her is supportive of my work. I've looked up to her and wished I was working alongside with her. I've been an artist for years and I started out as one due to the love of being creative and that I felt insecure. Nikki Gal gave me the support and it helped gain my confidence because it made me realize that not everyone who is successful is going to be snobby. Nikki Gal is not only professional but very supportive and she uplifts others around her."

- Chrissy Tina, Fashion Model & Artist (@modelperformer90)

"Nikki is clearly a strong, confident woman, I'm always impressed with how much she's accomplishing. It's powerful to be not only a creative but a visionary. Following her, I truly feel inspired by her drive, artistry, + confidence!"

- Laura Diez, Host of ECO CHIC Podcast (@ecochicpodcast)

"I had the pleasure of being a guest on Raw Talk hosted by Nikki, an incredibly endearing and down-to-earth individual. Her genuine care for each guest shines through, creating an atmosphere that's not just an interview but a heartfelt conversation. It's rare to find a host who connects with people on such a personal level. A truly enriching experience!"

- Ahlam Khan, Fashion Model & Entrepreneur (@the_lambb)

"Nikki Gal, a digital artist par excellence, has not only captured my essence in a one-of-a-kind digital portrait but has left an indelible mark on the most special moments of my life. Nearly three years on, her creation still graces my social media profiles, a testament to the timeless magic she weaves. In our collaborative photography session, Nikki was not just an artist but an engaging, inspiring, and empowering force. Her dedication to infusing heart and soul into her work ensures every client's satisfaction. It's not just art; it's an experience with Nikki."

- Lillie Bridgitte, Former Pageant Competitor 

"Nikki brings motivation to the table knowing that she's her own entrepreneur.

She is VERY sweet and definitely brings a positive impact to the fashion industry."

- Anna Deakle, Fashion Designer (@annadeakle)

"Nikki is a wildly tenacious woman with incredible drive to further not only her career, but that of others as well. She is caring, and she checks in on her peers, making sure that those around her are in their best state, something that sets her apart from many others in this industry.

Additionally, her modeling exemplary of pure talent, and her work speaks for itself!"


- Ruby Masterson, Fashion Model (@ruby.masterson)

"Nikki embodies beauty from the inside out and find that in others as well.

Whether that be in her artwork, podcast or any project she has created. In a world that is often cruel and hard she is also a light that shines through but wants others to as well. She also puts her whole heart and soul in everything she does and stays dedicated to it. It's very admirable."

- Lillie Davis, Interior Designer (@lillieellendavis)

"I was so excited when Nikki asked to interview me for her podcast! I loved that it felt like girl helping girl which is so uncommon sometimes nowadays. My interactions with her felt comfortable and respectful always. It has been fun to watch her grow professionally with new endeavors."

- Rachel Voltz, Licensed Associate Counselor & Author 

"Nikki is such a beautifully creative person, she knows how to make even the smallest little everyday things beautiful."

- Elisabeth Keating, Actress (@elisabeth.keating)

"While I've never met Nikki in person, for the last 4 years she's been such a light in the darkness for me. Watching her pursue her dreams has been a joy for me. To continue to watch her grow and blossom into the beautiful model, woman, and pure soul that she is has absolutely inspired me. She is the epitome of a hard-working, selfless, and strong woman and I will always be here to support her. There is nothing like women supporting women.

Even though it's from afar, we've created a bond from a beautiful piece of art she created, and for that that I will forever be grateful."

- Erin Davin, Fashion Model (@edavvv)

"Nikki is a fellow professional who I'm lucky enough to also call a friend. Her incredible work ethic is matched only by her kindness and desire to uplift fellow creatives around her. Every opportunity I've had to work with Nikki has been a pleasure, and has helped inspire my own creative path. She is truly one of a kind!"

- Stephanie Hastings, Fashion Model (@stephanie._.hastings)


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